Campaign Idealizers

Rotary International is the association of Rotary clubs around the world. Rotary is a business and professional organization, which provides humanitarian services, fosters a high standard of ethics in all professions through the Quadruple Proof and help to establish peace and goodwill in the world.

Rotary Club is defined as a local, non-profit, philanthropic and social community service club.

We are members of the Rotary community and we have created this RAG for Hepatitis Eradication to engage our Rotarian friends in the eradication of viral hepatitis in the world. We seek to disseminate information on the disease, raise funds for the carrying out of Hepatitis C virus testing, awareness campaigns and virus eradication on a global scale.

Rotarians are members of their respective Rotary clubs, who in turn are members of Rotary International.

Rotary’s goal is to encourage and foster the Ideal of Serving as the foundation of every worthy endeavor as well as helping others by promoting and supporting:

• The development of companionship as an element capable of providing an opportunity to serve;
• The recognition of the merit of all useful occupation and the diffusion of norms of professional ethics;
• The improvement of the community by the exemplary conduct of each one in his public and private life;
• The approach of professionals from all over the world, aiming at the consolidation of good relations, cooperation and peace between nations.

Its mission is to help Rotarians and Rotary clubs achieve Rotary’s goal and, at this current stage of Rotary’s development, support the activities of individuals and service-provider groups that improve the quality of life, maintain human dignity, and promote understanding and world peace.

Its main motto is: Give of yourself before you think about yourself.

We are forming a Rotary Action Group (R.A.G) for the purpose of combating hepatitis worldwide.

Join us! Promote free testaments in your city, neighborhood, companies, etc.

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